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Lots of notes to take? Try speech-to-text!

Have you ever used speech-to-text to write your texts?

Voice dictation is a tool that allows you to speak and transform words to a text version on a computer or cellphone, for example. For professionals who take notes when meeting with clients, this can be useful and save valuable time.

Using voice recognition in the course of your work is quite achievable and can save you precious minutes.

For GOrendezvous electronic charting users, it's possible to add an extension on your web browser or use the integrated option of your tablet to dictate your notes, which will be automatically added to your clients’ files.

Benefits of speech recognition

  • Very effective

The tools are increasingly sophisticated and precise; now, with 95% word accuracy, Google has the most advanced tool. To add punctuation, you just have to say what you want, for example, “period” to close the sentence.

google voice
  • Faster

It’s much faster to dictate, so you can save time on every appointment.

  • Freedom

Speaking instead of writing frees your hands and allows you to do several things simultaneously; for example, you can assess your client and dictate your observations at the same time.

How to activate voice recognition on your device


On a Mac computer:

  1. Click on the Apple menu at the top of your screen and select System Preferences.
  2. Click the Dictation & Speech icon in the System Preferences pane and ensure Dictation is on.
  3. You can then press the control button on the keyboard twice, and this will activate voice dictation to write wherever you want.



To enable voice dictation on Windows 10:
  1. Press the Windows logo key + H on a keyboard, or press the microphone key next to the space bar on the touch keyboard.
  2. To stop it, say a voice command such as “Stop listening” or press the “microphone” button in the voice input menu.


Activate the speech-to-text option:
  1. Click Settings
  2. General
  3. Keyboard
  4. Activate the Enable Dictation option.
  5. When you want to use the option, click the microphone on the onscreen keyboard, then speak.
  6. When you're finished, tap the keyboard icon.


On an Android device:

  1. Install Gboard and then long-press the microphone in the keyboard; this allows you to use voice dictation directly, no matter where you want to write.

Curious about trying electronic charting and using speech recognition for your digital note-taking? Try for free here.


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