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Using Instagram

Who isn’t on Instagram nowadays? This photo based social media has slowly but surely been taking over the digital world, with nearly 1 billion monthly active users as of June 2018 according to Statista. Instagram, like many of its counterparts, can be used for different purposes, from personal accounts to show off one’s life, to professional and business accounts used to promote a company, product or even a trend. In order to succeed in this technological era, it’s important to use the right tools to reach a larger and hyperconnected audience. Do you want to start using Instagram professionally to grow your client base but don’t know where to start? Keep reading this blog post to find out how to get started 👉

Let’s Get Down to Business 👔💼

The very first step to transforming your current or new Instagram page for professional use, is to switch it to business account in your settings. This is crucial, since doing so will allow you to add your business operation hours, address and phone number. The next step is creating or changing your username and profile photo. Let’s make it easy for your clients to find you! In order to do so, your username on Instagram should relate, to a certain extent, to the name of your other social media profiles, and ideally, to your business if possible. You can also add a URL redirecting your clients either to your personal website or if you use an online booking platform, redirect them directly to your booking appointment page. That way, booking an online appointment with you is even easier and more accessible thanks to one extra platform! Finally, don’t forget to add a short but sweet bio! Use it to describe your business and the purpose of your Instagram page, and don’t forget to include any relevant hashtags that you want your clients to follow 👀

Quality ✅ Over Quantity ❌

Another important aspect to truly mastering the use of Instagram is finding the perfect balance between posting too much or posting too little. A post once a day sure won’t keep your clients away 🍎 Posting approximately once a day will ensure that you’re consistently piquing your clients’ interests and reminding them you exist (and more importantly here, exist on social media)! However, if you have nothing relevant or interesting to post, daily posts do not need to become a habit. It is always better to skip a day than to post something irrelevant or uninteresting that could easily encourage your clients to unfollow you (yes, it’s as easy as a simple click 😓👎). Be careful not to spam your follower base with too many posts either. Posting too much may bore or even annoy your clients and lead them straight to the unfollow button. Finally, don’t forget to add witty captions that match your posts!

Preparation is Key 🔑

Starting an Instagram page and posting for the first week, or even month, is not the hard part, but keeping it trendy and relevant through both time and change in trends is. Before starting your page, be sure to create a precise and concise marketing strategy and plan. Get a general idea of what you will be posting throughout the different seasons, the predicted changes in trends and also relevant high or low seasons within your industry. Don’t forget that the main goal here is to increase your clientbase, or at least maintain your current one. Once you find the right brand image you wish to portray on your page, you’re good to go!  Eventually, make sure to diversify the nature of your posts to avoid becoming overly repetitive, all while staying in range of your initial brand image. Whether the pictures you decide to post are ones displaying the results of your work, your clients or anything related to your workplace, it is important to make sure they are not redundant. A lack of diversity equals to an eventual lack of interest from your followers, and you surely don’t want that 😵


Using Instagram efficiently requires patience and persistency, but it pays off! If started off with the right preparation and motivation, Instagram can allow you to take a break from your usual work and have a bit of fun with it instead! Creating your Business Instagram page can lead to an increase in your client database but also in your professional network. You get to share ideas, learn more about your field and stay updated on all the different trends. Finally, with the right tools, and with the help of an online booking platform, Instagram can further simplify and improve your client booking experience! So what are you waiting for? ⏳

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