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Beauty Salons: Why It's Time to Rethink Your Scheduling Tools

Posted by GOrendezvous on Apr 26, 2018 10:33:14 AM


All the Sassoons, Fekkais, and Hershbergers of this world started cutting hair in relatively small, unknown salons. They gained a cult-like following because of their talent and because of their strong work ethic. As a salon owner, your prime source of revenue comes from services you offer your clients. It all depends on how many you see per day, week, and month.

We know you rock your scissors like a modern day Edward scissorhands but it's sadly usually the logistics and scheduling tools that slow salon owners down. You want to optimize your time and not necessarily maximize it so you can take advantage of every second of your work day without penalizing your clients or your practice.

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How to Level Up Your Hair Salon Business Growth Strategies?

Posted by GOrendezvous on Apr 19, 2018 11:36:56 AM


Selling a product or service is the ultimate goal of any small business, no matter what it is selling. The hair salon business is a great example of a service everyone needs. You (really) shouldn't mess around with your own hair, unless you want to end up in a Phoebe and Monica FRIENDS situation. It's best to leave hair cutting to a professional that knows what he/she is doing. But, as a hair salon owner, how do you ensure your sustainability, knowing that only 30% of businesses make it to their 10-year anniversary in the U.S.?

Business growth strategies not only expand your business but they also ensure you're not getting yourself into any business pitfalls that could compromise everything you've worked so hard for. We're not telling you to make a Supercuts-like franchise out of your more chic intimate salon, but using certain methods to elevate your business can greatly increase your salon's success. Read on to find out if you're implementing the right methods.

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9 Things You Must Know When Starting a Massage Business

Posted by GOrendezvous on Apr 12, 2018 10:53:41 AM


You’ve completed your massage therapy courses and you’re now a certified massage therapist. Congratulations! In addition to having godly hands that make people automatically relax, you are also now ready to build your own massage empire. There are so many things to know before starting this venture and it can get pretty overwhelming in a very short amount of time.

We’ve come up with 9 things you should really know before starting a massage business. From building a strong business plan to reaching clients online to the location you choose, we’ve got everything you need to know. And hey, maybe to thank us you could offer us a free massage!


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Salon Booking Software: How It Can Help Grow Your Revenue

Posted by GOrendezvous on Apr 5, 2018 11:26:09 AM




If you own a salon and have the luxury of having a receptionist, you know that most of their time is spent on the phone, answering and calling clients for their next appointment. They are tied down on the phone all day, so they can't solely concentrate their energy on the people in your salon. If you don't have a receptionist, you're the one who's answering all the calls... And because of this, the customer experience for the actual clients in the salon can sadly be put aside even if it's unintentional. But what if you could automate and digitize the appointment booking process for clients? A salon booking software will allow you to offer a personalized service by greeting customers warmly, serving them refreshments, selling additional products at the cash, or doing anything else to make your clients salon experience sensational.

A better customer service can increase your revenues by making your clients feel like their business is appreciated. Find out exactly how a salon booking software can help grow your revenue.


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Salon Management: 7 Tips to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Posted by GOrendezvous on Mar 29, 2018 9:26:45 AM


You know the type of days, when no matter how many times you re-heat your coffee, you still end up drinking it cold... For salon owners, this can happen every single day; you've got inventory orders to fill, phone calls to answer, employees to pay, sinks to clean, towels to dry, etc.

We really want you to optimize your time so you don’t have to work longer hours, just smarter ones. Ladies and gents, it’s actually proven (by real, researched data) that working longer hours doesn't mean you are more productive. As well as optimizing your time, we also want you to drink your coffee while it's warm and eat a proper balanced meal! And you know, being a workaholic won’t make you #successful, it will make you #nuts.

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Appointment Book: 6 Signs You Shouldn't Use a Paper Version

Posted by GOrendezvous on Mar 22, 2018 3:25:58 PM


‘Paper vs digital’: It is one of the biggest dilemmas of our era. Even though the Internet has taken over our lives, and that we all now carry our phones everywhere, we have to admit that they are incredibly handy in our day to day activities, whether it is work related or not. Paper and pen have become almost obsolete for most people. Cursive writing is now almost considered an ancient form of writing.

Digital appointment books are so advanced now that it’s hard to believe businesses worked without it before. They can synchronize your calendars, contacts, notes, and more, all in one single, easy to access place. You can even synchronize all your information from your phone to your computer, and vice versa. Then how come so many small business owners still using paper systems that keep slowing them down?

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How a Massage Booking App Can Improve Your Daily Management

Posted by GOrendezvous on Mar 15, 2018 10:48:29 AM


You’ve probably heard this before: “Oh my God! You’re a massage therapist? Your job must be soooo relaxing.” No, it’s not. People tend to forget that you’re the one giving the massage, not receiving it. Being a massage therapist is like kneading dough for 6 hours...every single day, without eating any pies or bread at the end of the day. It can get pretty tough on the hands and joints.

Another type of stress that can often occur in the massage therapy business is booking your appointments and keeping track of all of them in a neat and organized way. Find out how a massage booking app can improve your daily management.

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6 Beauty Parlour Tips All Salon Owners Should Follow

Posted by GOrendezvous on Mar 8, 2018 7:00:00 AM


You dove head first into the beauty parlour industry and you’re not too sure what you’re doing or you have a good hairdressing business but you wish to upgrade to a kick-ass beauty parlour that attracts tons of business? There are so many different variables that define why your business could be doing well or not: your presence on social media and Google, your relationship with your business neighbours, if your clients recommend your services to their friends, etc. 

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