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Discover the GOrendezvous search page 🤩

discover the GOrendezvous search page

Since its beginnings in 2012, GOrendezvous has helped you acquire new clients by offering consumers a professional search page; the GOrendezvous search page.

We are pleased to announce that the GOrendezvous search page has been redesigned to offer a better experience and facilitate client booking. Consumers can now go to to find an appointment near them.


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With these improvements, we hope to attract a larger potential clientele for professionals. We are also launching a campaign to encourage the public to use the GOrendezvous search page to help you acquire more clients.

“I’m so happy since I got the GOrendezvous app; new clients have been finding me 2–3 more each week, and now I have less exhausting advertising to do each week. I love it!” - Christine Beaulieu (translated from French)


How to optimize your profile as a professional :


  • Add a picture

    A professional photo attracts attention and instills trust in clients. You can add this in your settings under employees and services.

Joanie Maltais (2)
  • Description and professional title

There is a section in your settings where you can enter your professional title as well as a short bio. It will appear in the information part of your profile.

information en


  • Main service

Your availability schedule is displayed directly on the search page. In your GOrendezvous account, you can choose which service you want to promote to new clients who will find you online. Don’t worry, clients can still choose another service if they want to; it simply makes the booking process easier.


service en

  • Location

In order to appear on the search page, you must add a location to your account. Please note that only one of your physical locations can be displayed at a time on the GOrendezvous search page. This means that if you have two locations in the same city, for example, only the closest one will be shown. However, if you have a physical location and a virtual location, both will appear.



If your name is not showing up on the GOrendezvous Search Page, read this. 

As always, if you have any questions, our customer service team will be happy to answer them.

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