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Digital Transition: Club Sportif MAA, A Success Story.

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Discover How the Leading Fitness Institution in Montreal Successfully Made the Digital Transition.

In an ever-changing and technology-driven world, most companies need to adapt to the needs of their customers. One of our clients, the Club Sportif MAA Montréal, is Canada’s oldest athletic club with over 130 years of rich history and Olympic success. The Club Sportif MAA was looking to find a way to stay relevant and ahead of the competition, and learn how they could respond to an urgent need for digitization and modernization thanks to an online scheduling platform.


#1: The Challenge

Seeing an urgent need for a digital transition, the Club Sportif MAA was looking for an efficient and powerful all-in-one online scheduling platform. But the chosen solution would have to be able to comply with the institution’s fitness and health needs; two very different entities, yet, of equal value within the organization. Looking to replace an outdated internal booking system, their goal was to find a cost-effective solution that would allow them to offer online booking to both their members and potential clients, as well as an internal management solution that would provide them with a global overview of their resources. Here are the 3 main needs they were looking for:

1. Online Booking 
2. High Flexibility 
3. Digitization


#2: The Solution

With many specific demands, GOrendezvous was selected as the new technology partner, its all-in-one online scheduling platform was able to answer current requirements while being able to provide the Club Sportif MAA with targeted updates. 

With its simple configuration, ease of use and customer service availability, the GOrendezvous solution was the best choice by far. By respecting the mandatory conditions and offering a real option for the necessary digital transformation, GOrendezvous was able to offer the right solution and help the athletic club embrace this technological shift. 




#3: The Results

GOrendezvous was able to quickly implement a solution fully adapted to the internal managerial needs and urgent external online scheduling requirements. Thanks to a fast and complete configuration and training, employees from fitness and health services of the Club Sportif MAA were able to quickly adapt to new and simple processes. More than just a service provider, GOrendezvous has become a trusted technology partner by creating a strong and lasting relationship with the athletic club.


Most used and loved features


To read the full case study and learn how GOrendezvous and online scheduling can make a difference, click on this link!

We would like to thank the Club Sportif MAA Montréal for their participation to this case study.


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