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2023 Recap: What's new on GOrendezvous



2023 was a year of innovations and new features at GOrendezvous, so here's a summary!

New Look

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, the platform gets a new look!

We've modernized the colors, the display of certain buttons, and the menu for a more pleasant experience.

Search Page

Search page in a cellphone

The search page has changed to improve the overall appointment search experience. And we're continuing our promotional efforts to bring the search page to as many Quebecers as possible.

Make sure you optimize your profile and take advantage of the chance to acquire new customers!

Optimize your professional page

Enable online appointment booking


Displayed Locations

If you offer on-site and virtual services, your virtual services are now also displayed in the drop-down menu of your professional profile.

Add a virtual location


Urgent Appointment

Our new "Urgent appointment" option on the search page allows you to see availability for an appointment within the next three days.


Online Charting


Collective library in ipad


A collective library of chart templates, intake forms, and lexicons, populated by professionals, for professionals.

  • Enrich the library by sharing your own templates and benefiting from those provided by other professionals who use GOrendezvous.

Create your own template

  • Select and modify the template as required. The author's name and their field of practice are indicated.

Header on a chart


  • Now, a header with your logo is displayed on your charts when you print or save them as PDFs.


Easy-to-follow intake forms.

  • Duplicate intake forms.

  • Send an intake form directly from the appointment (in the actions tab).*

Intake form completion confirmation

  • An icon appears in the appointment box to the left of the client’s name. This indicates that the client has completed the form correctly.*

Handy lexicons of specific terms.

  • You can link a chart template to a lexicon so that they can be used together.

  • The language of the lexicons will be associated with that of the chart template.

Create a lexicon



The inventory helps you sell your products and track orders efficiently.

Inventory products quantities

  • Invoicing: Add products to your client’s invoice and charge the total for service rendered and products purchased. Easily track your sales with a revenue report that now includes products.
  • Product management: You can add, modify and delete your products, set their prices, update available quantities and the minimum quantity to place a new order.

  • Supplier management: You can record details of your suppliers, including their contact details, and register the status of orders you've placed.

Help Documentation


2 People Appointment

With the two-people appointment feature, a professional can add an appointment with two clients and send a reminder to each. A shared client file is then created, so you can easily manage everything in one place.

One professional can create an appointment with two clients at the same time.

2 people appointments


  • The service must be offered by a single professional, for example, in the case of couple therapy.

  • It is possible to split the invoice between the two clients and send an insurance receipt with both names.

  • A joint file will be created for both people. This way, you can complete your appointment notes directly in this folder.

Help Documentation 


Physiotec Integration*


Our integration with Physiotec is now available in beta!

With this integration, you can:

  • Easily switch from a GOrendezvous client file to Physiotec and avoid multiple clicks.

  • Direct access to the history of the programs you have sent, as well as their PDF format.


On the insurance receipt, the option to show or hide the name of the person who paid for the service is available. This applies to 2-person and dependent-person appointments.

Receipts display names


Set your default preferences:

    1. Settings
    2. Employees and Services
    3. Receipts
    4. Parameters.

Don't worry; if you ever want to change them later, you can do so on every receipt.


Display up to 10 professionals at a time

Depending on the size of your screen, up to 10 professionals can be displayed on a day's schedule.

To do so:

  1. On your schedule, click on View
  2. Show all professionals


A list of personal pronouns has been designed to be more inclusive and to allow better representation of each client’s information. You can also display the name at birth on your receipts.


Google Calendar

google calendar synch

Choose the Google calendar you wish to synchronize with GOrendezvous rather than the default one.

See the synchronization help document here.

*Some features are only available on Essential & Premium packages.



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