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Class Session

Do you have classes that systematically repeat themselves over specific periods of time? With our brand new Class Session feature, you can let us handle them for you without breaking a sweat! 

What is it?

With the Class Session feature, you can now create class sessions for your recurring classes on a fixed timeline. 


This functionality will not only allow you to set fixed session prices, but also to handle drop-ins in a way that best satisfies your needs. 


Just follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the desired date and time slot in your schedule
  • Click on the tab Class. If you wish to create a session for one of your existing classes, simply select the desired one.
  • Select ‘’Create New Session’’
  • You can then choose a ‘’Session Name’’ and fix a ‘’Session Price’’
  • Configure further options like ‘’Allow joining an ongoing session’’ or ‘’Allow drop-ins’’

And you’re good to go!  🎉 You can find more details in our Help for professionals documents on how to Create a class session. 


For whom?

The Class Session feature is available in the Professional and Business plans.


Different scenarios

Scenario A: Clients who need to book for the whole session

You want to offer swimming classes for which clients need to book for the whole session? Find out how by clicking hereThat way, your clients will systematically have to book for the whole session. If you wish for your clients to pay the full session price or simply a deposit at the time of their booking, make sure to activate your online payment via Stripe ;)

Scenario B: Clients can join an ongoing session

You’re a yoga instructor and want to allow your clients to join ongoing sessions even if they missed the first classes? You can encourage them to commit to the remaining classes of the session by offering them a lower price per class than the drop-in price. Click here to find out which steps to follow. 

Scenario C: Allow drop-ins 

Your session has already started but your classes aren’t full? With this new functionality, you can allow your clients to drop-in and ensure a fun-filled class! Click here to find out which steps to follow. 

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