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 Feature - cancellation reason

Knowledge is power! But sometimes, we also just want to know why our clients can’t come to their appointments. It’s always nice to know, and we are more understanding and forgiving if people give us a good reason. With this feature, you or your client will be able to cancel an appointment and add a cancellation reason.

What is it?

Whether you need to cancel an appointment or one of your class attendees, you’ll be able to explain why that person couldn’t meet with you. It’s always helpful, especially for your statistics or just to satisfy your insatiable curiosity.


Cancellation reason for an appointment:

  1. Click on the appointment you want to cancel
  2. Click on Cancel this appointment (it’s the trash icon in red.)

A new window will appear

  1. Add a Cancellation Reason in the drop-down menu
  2. Add any Details you want
  3. Then, click on Cancel this appointment 

To know more about this, read our online documentation right here!

Cancellation reason for class attendance:

     1. Click on the class you want to update
     2. Select the Attendees tab
     3. Click on Cancel Class for the selected attendee

A new window will appear

     4. Add a Cancellation Reason in the drop-down menu
     5. You can also write Details concerning the reason for cancellation
     6. And click on Remove from class

To learn more about how to activate it, check out our online documentation!

Let them do the work. Your clients will also be able to provide you with a cancellation reason thanks to the link they receive with their notification email. If they cancel their appointment, they can even give you a reason. Now, you’ll know why ahead of time and without having to do the work.

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