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More often than not, millennials tend to receive a great deal of negative attention and criticism for their overall fixation with technology and social media. Despite this adverse heat, millennials are not only the present, but also the future. Before it’s too late, companies should realize the significance of millennial values and their influence in regards to how they appear to alter business culture. Millennials are taking a company’s beliefs and work ethic into far greater consideration than ever before. And, as expected, this substantially affects purchasing and investment decisions.

The ultimate outcome, to prevent from being surpassed and forgotten, is a progressive attempt to include these millennial desires. Nevertheless, prior to winning them over, companies must realize what differentiates millennials from previous generations and, luckily for you, this is why we’re here!

1. It's All About the Tech 

Everyone knows that millennials love their technology, after all, this generation literally grew up within the digital era, surrounded by the internet, mobile devices, and the convenience of text messaging. As a result, the tactics of traditional advertising are failing to make an impression on the majority of these millennials.

So, how do you interact and engage with them? Well, easier said than done, you must establish a personal connection with their audience. A good millennial-centered business is one that genuinely comprehends the wants, needs, and goals of its audience while simultaneously forming a brand that reflects these behaviours and personality traits; such as transparency, sustainability, social responsibility, and innovation.


2.  Become a Social Butterfly

You may have already realized this, but you should get into the habit of utilizing social media to your advantage if you want to draw the attention of millennials. As previously mentioned, millennials spend large amounts of their time and resources online while absorbing massive amounts of information. As a business owner, you should have a prominent presence on social media in order to market and “sell” what your brand has to offer.

Once online, consider posting messages that will appeal to your millennial audience. Some suggestions include behind-the-scenes videos showcasing employee spotlights as well as company culture and values. Just never forget that millennials adore being fed relevant information.

3. The Benefits of Mobility

Nowadays, it’s actually quite difficult to find someone who doesn't have a mobile phone, especially younger generations. In fact, most millennials actually prefer browsing online with their mobile devices as opposed to a traditional desktop computer. Because of this, companies are pressured to optimize their websites for mobile devices, since a less than ideal user experience can and will influence millennials’ feelings of these companies and, in the process, prevent a transaction.

A perfect example as to how you can utilize mobile devices to your benefit would be to, if your clients were to book an appointment with you, offer a friendly reminder about the upcoming date by way of an extremely convenient SMS message. Without a doubt, millennials will appreciate the effort!

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4. Generate Targeted Advantages

As we now recognize, millennials crave convenience. Therefore there is no better way to appeal to this generation than by making their lives easier and more digital. For one, millennials dislike phone calls and prefer managing their lives through online sources such as email. With that in mind, why not offer millennials the ability to not only book their appointments online (rather than a traditional phone call), but also pay online? While we’re at it, why not forgo conventional receipts and actually give eco-friendly millennials what they want, electronic alternatives!

Lastly, you cannot forget about the customer ratings and reviews as this is an efficient way to invest time in your company’s reputation! In effect, this generation of consumers, more so than any generation before them, continuously seek out reviews in order to find the brand that is right  for them. If they can’t find any reliable feedback or information pertaining to your company, millennials will undoubtedly become skeptical and have absolutely no problem looking elsewhere. Plus, it definitely suggests an aspect of loyalty, and who wouldn’t want that?


At the end of the day, millennials are the future. And, as a consequence, brands ought to invest the majority of their energy into understanding what it is that millennials want, need, and believe in (no one said it was going to be easy). For starters, you must understand that millennials are remarkably tech-savvy individuals who prefer convenience and mobility above all else. As well, they tend to have strong beliefs and values such as the importance of diversity, inclusion, and an optimal eco-friendly environment. To win their hearts, it is essential that your brand’s beliefs and values align with theirs. Thankfully for you and your business, by following our sound advice, you’re already on the path to glory!


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