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September is a great month, isn’t it? People are going back to school or back to work. Everyone is happy and in a good mood after spending time on a sunny beach. And it’s a great season for you because everyone wants to feel and look their best, so you know clients are going to be booking appointments left and right. Don’t you love back to school season now? But are you really ready for it?

Always be Prepared 

Owning a business means that there’s always a ton of work to do and prioritizing tasks can be pretty tough.  But you know it, you need to stay on top of things even when it’s a really chaotic season. So let’s try and plan this right now. You need to be ready and you need to make sure you’ll be able to answer the needs of your clients. How so? Well, I’m glad you asked. You need to prepare your team and make sure your employees’ schedules are ready. Take the time you need to talk to your employees about the upcoming frantic weeks well ahead of time and tell them they are likely to have their schedules filled up. You also need to show their availabilities (and yours of course ;)) on your online booking platform. Once you’ve done all of that you’ll be ready to spend hours on the phone, but we know you won’t be wasting your time doing that thanks to your kickass online scheduling platform. Yep, your clients know they can book online through your web page in just a few clicks. They will be able to see all of your availabilities at a glance and find that perfect date and time for their appointment. Be prepared!: The Boy Scouts motto never rang so true.


Use That Closet Space

If you have a huge number of appointments coming in, and you know it’s going to happen in advance, you need to get your inventory ready. It may seem trivial but this step can easily be forgotten, so make sure to add it to your to-do list right away. Whether you work in the beauty, health, wellness or fitness industry, you must stock up on your most popular and necessary products. Can you imagine if you run out of lotions or oils, how will you be able to massage your clients?  What about gloves, hair colouring or peroxide? You can kiss your clients goodbye if you run out of key products. So stock up now! And if you don’t use them right away, you can always use them later. Also, don’t forget get enough tea, coffee or other beverages if you serve drinks to your customers. The 😈 is in the details!


Tune Up 

Now let’s talk about your tools, from tables and chairs to hairdryers, treadmills and more. Checking your equipment should be a priority but it’s always the last thing to do and the first thing to be pushed back to a later date somehow. We keep forgetting about it until it’s too late and when it breaks. But you need to start tuning up your equipment on a regular basis. One, it will become part of your routine and you won’t dread doing it as much. And two, it won’t break as often because you’ll be on top of this, which means, you will keep your money for yourself instead of giving it to a repair man. Talk about the right kind of motivation.💰


See, when you take a closer look, it’s not as hard as it seems and it will make all the difference in the world. Getting ready before the storm is always helpful and will allow you to really focus on what really matters: taking care of your clients! So get ready now, set everything up on your appointment platform and you will surf that wave like a pro. 🏄‍

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