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Myths of online booking

In today’s digital world, it has never been more apparent that we strive for the ultimate convenience in anything and everything that we set out to accomplish. Because of this, people eagerly search for ways to remain on top of their ever-expanding schedules. That said, considering an online appointment booking software for yourself and your business may very well be the leap of faith needed to efficiently excel in your day-to-day lifestyle. However, before taking the leap, we will help you to understand what, exactly, is online scheduling in addition to some of their common myths. This way, you'll feel more than ready to make an educated decision!

“How Can I Know It’s Right for Me If I Don’t Even Know What Online Scheduling Software Entails?”

With the proper online scheduling software, you’ll have access to a myriad of convenient benefits. These benefits include being able to establish your availability (showcasing your availabilities and, if needed, any days you may take off); the option to accept online payments (younger crowds will undoubtedly appreciate this); send out personalized and automated SMS or email reminders; the ability to incorporate the scheduling software into your very own website (some companies can even provide one); minimize the effects of no-shows, as well as the capability to simultaneously sync calendars from multiple employees. Talk about convenience!

Myth #1: All Online Scheduling Software Is Identical 👯 

This couldn’t be further from the truth and is, in actuality, one of the largest misconceptions believed across the board. In reality, the online booking software that is right for you (and not for Jimmy down the street) ultimately depends on your precise and individual requirements. So, in order to guarantee that you have selected the booking software that is ideal for you, you ought to ask yourself several questions:

  • What are the most essential features that I’ll be utilizing and what is the lowest cost/most efficient software that provides me with these features?
  • If my business starts excelling, would it be possible, at any time, to upgrade my subscription and is there a significant upgrade cost?
  • Would I be charged more for the number of schedules or users? Meaning, would I need to pay more if I were to add more staff members or business locations to my schedule?

In short, choose a scheduling software that caters to your needs while offering swift and effective support. Don’t be afraid to do some research and go through the online documentation from experts, so that you can select the software that provides you with all the answers to your questions with no strings attached.


Myth #2: I Am Not Technically Savvy Enough to Create and Manage My Own Schedule 🖥️

Believe it or not (believe it), but you don't actually need much technical proficiency to create and manage your online schedule. In fact, the majority of online booking systems provide a (free or not) account setup. Once done, you can adjust and personalized details in just a few clicks. If you fear technology or you are scared of making too many mistakes, you can always opt for a platform that sets up your account for you! Before you know it, you'll forget that you ever doubted yourself in the first place.


Myth #3: My Business Will Need to Invest a Great Deal of Money to Use an Online Booking Software 👛

To be fair, this is an understandable fear for many small businesses and individuals who may worry that they simply just don’t have the budget for it. But don’t fret, we are here to tell you that the majority of great online booking software offer diverse options, and some actually provide their subscribers with free alternatives for those of us with even the tightest budget or just launching their company or clinics! And who doesn’t love it when something is free?


Myth #4: Easy and Convenient Client Access Will Result in More No-Shows ❌

Thankfully, we are here to assure you that this is completely false! As previously mentioned, most efficient online appointment software will allow you to reduce the number of no-shows thanks to automated SMS and email reminders. Better yet, you can even have your clients put down a deposit or make an advanced payment (whichever you prefer). This will help to avoid and prevent last-minute cancellations by enabling your business to develop and reinforce its own cancellation policy.

Did You Know: Some platforms go even further and offer the possibility to automatically replace your canceled appointments! You won't have any holes in your calendar, you won't lose any revenue and customers on your waiting list will be ecstatic. Isn't GOrendezvous technology just great !?




By now, some of your fears about online scheduling should have subsided. The reason being, the majority of the myths of online booking are just untrue. These myths include believing that all booking software is identical (they aren’t); that you must be technologically inclined (you don’t); that you’ll be spending a fortune (you won’t), and that you’ll just have more cancellations (definitely not!). Although we have just scratched the surface of this world of misinformation #fakenews, you should always keep an eye out for other misleading claims. Happy hunting!


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