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Branding_ How to Set Yourself Apart

What’s a brand? And how can you use it to stand out amid increasing innovation and fierce competition? Nowadays, the process of branding is essential to developing a name and reputation for your business. It starts with a simple trademark, catchphrase, or logo and goes much beyond that.

With all the surrounding competitors establishing and enforcing their brands, what can you do to set yourself apart? No need to panic; as long as you’ve set a unique vision, there are many tools out there that can help you in your differentiation process. Odds are, you’re already on the right path, but we’re here to give you a few tips on how to stay on top of it. ⛷


1. Creativity Over Conformity 💡

Let us start by defining what a brand is. Put simply, a brand is you. It is what you are, what you define it as, and what you strive to be. For a brand to be successful, it needs to be authentic. If you clearly define your professional goals and ambitions beforehand, then naturally, your brand will create itself. For it to truly stand out, it has to represent your unique vision, values, services, mission, and future.

If you wish to represent your business as a modern and efficient brand, you might want to consider adopting an online booking platform if you haven’t already done so. It will help bring across an image of a fresh, effective, and friendly business! By facilitating your booking process, you will reach a wider range of clients, and that, in turn, is bound to spread positive word-of-mouth for your brand.

2.  Go Slow on the Logo 💮

One of the most efficient ways to ensure that your clients remember your company is through brand visibility. And one way of enhancing your brand visibility is through the evolution of a truly unique logo! If your business logo is different and easily recognizable, you are more likely to stand out in your clients’ eyes. You want it to truly represent your brand, who you are, and what you stand for. This process is neither fast nor easy, and taking your time to create a logo that is both worthy of your values and easy on the eyes is a must.

Once created, the next step is associating your services with your logo. With the help of an online booking platform, you can add that logo to all communications sent out to your clients, such as email reminders and receipts. That way, your clients will automatically associate your logo with your brand, which will help strengthen your brand awareness.

3. Vouch to Promote 💌

One of the best ways to get your brand across is by offering your clients special promotions, which convey what you value and represent as a brand. If making your clients feel valued is one of your goals, then you could give them the possibility of saving money by offering them special deals and vouchers.

If you use an online booking platform, you can make that process easier by giving your clients the option to buy them online. That way, they can buy a prepaid pass on your homepage or website, and once they book, their visit will be automatically deducted from the pass. This will make your brand stand out next to competitors that don’t offer any special deals to their clients, and once again, spread positive word-of-mouth!

4. Millennial's Holy Grail 📱

Once your brand has already been defined and created, your main concern is maintaining it. One way of doing so is by promoting your services through your social media pages. Social media is the most efficient way of boosting brand awareness. What should you post? That’s entirely up to you and the message you want to communicate.

You can either directly promote your business through posts about your different promotions and vouchers, or you can share posts that represent your values through inspirational stories or quotes. Either way, social media is the way to go! If you use an online booking platform, you can also add the link to your booking widget in your pages’ bios. That way, a successful promotion of your services on social media will lead your clients straight to your booking page.


Nowadays, a brand is a must to both sustain and expand a business. The good news is, if you’re unique and authentic, the job does itself. That’s right, to set yourself apart, you only need to be yourself. It’s as simple as that! To reinforce your brand, creating a logo that perfectly matches your vision, that is appealing and easy on the eyes, is a great first step. If your clients can automatically associate your brand with an image in their minds, then you’re one step closer to successful brand awareness.

To make your brand stand out even more, you can convey your goals and values by offering your clients different deals and promotions that are representative of your brand. To top it all off, you can promote your brand on social media and, ultimately, book more customers with the help of an online booking platform.


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