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Ready for the Holiday Rush?

Gifts 🎁, milk & cookies 🍪, and building snowmen ⛄… These are only three of the many reasons why we all love the winter holidays (unless you’re the Grinch). Winter season is a time to relax and enjoy your close family and friends’ company. We all want our favorite holiday to be stress free, and in order to make that happen, preparation is key for both personal and business purposes. Whether you run a small business or a big family, or both (kudos to you 😅), this time of the year requires laying out active groundwork on how to handle all your business affairs and holiday shopping to properly take on the holiday rush. Don’t know where to start? Find out all you need to know right here👇

Shop in the Name of Love 👠💰

If you needed an extra reason to hit the mall and max out your credit card(s), well here it comes! What’s better than shopping for yourself, you ask? Shopping for your loved ones 💚 If you consider your clients as loved ones, then make sure to have enough merchandise beforehand to sustain your business through the holidays. A shortage of inventory will not only hurt your business but can also ruin your holidays by filling them with worry (instead of glee). You don’t want to find yourself running around, trying to find last-minute solutions to keep your business up and running. The holiday rush can be stressful but it is also an opportunity to show your clients that you care, so stock up all the right tools and material you may need, that way you ensure that you have all you need to treat your clients right!

Keep Calm and Conquer 🔱 🏆

If you’re taking time off from work this upcoming holiday (in which case, good for you), don’t forget to properly notify your clients! If you use an online booking platform, make sure to block all your availabilities during your time off, so that your clients don’t show up to your workplace only to find out you’re closed for the week. Doing so considerably beforehand is important to avoid wasting time calling clients that already booked appointments while you’re away, only to let them know that you actually won’t be available. Don’t forget that your clients are just like you, and just like you, they’re also striving for their holiday preparations to go according to plan, and cancelling an appointment might just disrupt that for them. So make sure not to leave them blindsided! If you want to take it a step further, you can add a message on your personal website or homepage and even social media to let your clients know when you will be taking time off, or even send out a mass email 📧

Profit on Top of Profit 💸

Winter holidays are a win-win for everyone! But business-wise, if handled with proper planning in advance, Christmas can be a great time for you to get those extra cash flows coming right in. By offering special deals and advertising them properly, you might see clients rushing to get ahold of them! For instance, if you work as a massage therapist, you can offer special winter season gifts card for a massage. Or if you own a nail or hair salon, you can offer different holiday promotions for all those clients that want to look their best for their Christmas or New Year’s Eve celebrations 🎄🎉 If you use an online booking platform, make sure to add those promotions on your homepage either as token cards with an expiry date or as exclusive winter season services that you offer on a set and limited timeline. Either way, this is a great way to promote your business and show your clients that you’re thinking about them during this special time of the year!


All in all, these holidays are a magical time for you and everyone around you. But in order to fully enjoy it, make sure to go about it with careful planning beforehand. Whether you’re in dire need of shopping for your business or relatives, want to implement holiday promotions and deals, or simply taking a break to enjoy the holidays, it is imperative to prepare both yourself and your clients for the upcoming rush. Don’t forget that this is not only a time to show people around you that you care about them, but also a time to take care of yourself and rest easy 😌

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