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Finding the ideal candidate is a difficult task, it’s common knowledge and many entrepreneurs find it hard to hire any staff, no matter the profession or even the industry. But a complete, motivated and passionate team is the key to a successful business. Here are a few tips if you want to find your next employee.

Before embarking on this process, you have to assess your needs and think about your global human resources strategy. In times of full employment or not, there will always be a certain amount of staff turnover, which can create stress for any business. This article will give you the keys to prepare yourself in order to find the perfect candidate for you, the one that will complete your team and help you grow your business. Okay, it’s time to become an HR professional!

1. Analyze Your Needs

First of all, you need to analyze your needs and see if you really need to hire a new person in your team. With an online scheduling platform, you can access all the schedules from your team to see the level of business of your employees and the level of saturation of your business. In addition, you can view your waiting list, the more customers you have, the more you are in demand. You will be able to evaluate the demand and hire a new employee to answer your needs, if necessary.


2. Look in the Right Place

To find that one-in-a-million employee, you first have to look in the right place. Depending on your specialty, you can search through specialized recruitment platforms. Then, it is strongly recommended to activate your network. Yes, you have probably met and developed relationships in your industry over the past few years and it's time to activate your professional network. To give you all your chances, don’t hesitate to contact any associations you are part of, some will be able to advise you and others even have recruitment pages on their website. Finally, go online and share your news on social media and with your whole community, because there is nothing better than word of mouth!


3. Go Through All the CVs

Once you have launched your search, you just have to patiently wait behind your computer. Set a deadline for your job offer, when it expires, it’s time to find a comfortable, yet, quiet corner and review the whole pile of CVs, from A to Z. Take the time to read them carefully in order to understand the career path of your applicants and try to perceive why they want to join your company or practice. Then believe in yourself and follow your instincts, after all, it's your business and your future that is at stake.


4. Unlock Your Inner Sherlock Holmes

Remember that we live in a digital world, so take advantage of it and use the tools around you to check up on your candidates. We all have a little Sherlock Holmes inside and a virtual search is highly recommended nowadays. Quickly check social media, professional networks (LinkedIn for example), and if you want to get faster results, a Google search is always a good start.


5. Time to Meet

Once you've done your first screening, it's time to meet the candidates you have selected. Here are some important things you really shouldn’t forget to do during the interview.


  • Overall Presentation

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but during an interview, it is better if your candidates are put together and show that they made an effort for the interview.
It's an interview and not a rock concert!


  • Professional Goals

It is always important to ask your job applicants about their career goals, ie, what position they would like to have in 1, 5 and 10 years. But don’t forget to look and check their past trainings, courses and experiences to see if candidates are keeping up with the latest trends and techniques on a regular basis to move forward and achieve their goals. A candidate who doesn’t keep up may lack motivation for his profession and it’s never a good sign.


  • Think About Your Team

It’s almost impossible to see if your future employee will get along with your current team, but you must trust your guts. To "test" the candidate you can also ask questions about team building, such as:

  • How do you like to work? Do you prefer to be alone or in a team?
  • If someone doesn’t agree with you, how do you deal with a conflict?

And other questions along this line to see how the job applicants would fit in in your company and with your team. After the interview, do not hesitate to talk about what you feel with your team and ask them what they think. It’s always nice to feel included.


  • Breaking the Tension

In general, during an interview, job applicants are more or less stressed out. If you want to break the tension while doing a little personality test, why not ask an unusual question. It will change the pace of the interview, make them smile and you’ll see how they actually think.

Here are some questions that can give you ideas:

  • How many manholes are there in town?
  • How many electric scooters are there in the city?


  • Salary

Asking about the salary is a (painful) question that you must absolutely address during the interview. One, it gives you a better idea of ​​the person and how they value themselves. And two, if the candidate is perfect for you, but well above your budget, it would be a shame to know it too late and have to start the hiring process all over again.



6. Call Their References

Sometimes, it’s hard to pick and choose between two or three wonderful candidates, it happens! In such cases, you can always contact the candidate's referrals to ask a few questions and confirm your final choice.



As you can see, recruiting the right employee is not (and never) easy. But, if you follow the advice of our experts, the right recruitment strategies and your legendary instinct, you will find your perfect employee in no time.



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