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Podcasts: A Marketing Tool

Posted by Léa Mayer on 8/31/23 3:23 PM

With the rapid evolution of technology and the multiplication of digital media, the opportunities for creating content have never been greater. Today, podcasts have become much more than just a form of entertainment as they are increasingly used as a marketing tool for entrepreneurs.

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Branding: The Art of Standing Out and Succeeding

Posted by Léa Mayer on 7/18/23 1:28 PM

These days, it’s getting increasingly difficult for a company to stand out with its products or services. Brand image corresponds to  clients’ perception of the company. Having a strong, positive brand image can help a company distinguish itself from its competitors, attract new clients and retain existing ones!

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Instagram Reels: a guide to the short-form video

Posted by Léa Mayer on 6/26/23 5:35 PM

In today’s digital era, the increasing importance of short-form video content is evident. Quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of social media content, short-form video is 60 seconds or less. During the pandemic, online audiences grew to prefer short content and bite-sized videos became an important tool to capture attention and deliver messages. 

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Hashtags: how to improve your Social SEO

Posted by Léa Mayer on 5/29/23 4:28 PM


As you may know, search engine optimization refers to the optimization of a website by improving its search engine ranking. Nowadays, like search engines, social media platforms can also be used to find specific information such as product reviews, recipes, local brands and much more. 

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