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4 tips for all entrepreneurs

If you are a current or future entrepreneur, you are head first, or about to be, in administrative tasks along with your regular job. So to improve your business, optimize your time, and attract new clients all at the same time, you have quite a to-do list. So from an entrepreneurial standpoint, what can you do to stay ahead and run a successful business? We talked to experts, and here are 4 tips you need to do to run a successful business and/or practice 👇   

1. Master Google and Social Media

Google is a great tool that, when used properly, can boost your business in the right direction. After you are done with this article, go on Google and find out where your business currently ranks in the search engine.  Did you know that fewer than 10% of people reach the second search page of Google? If you want new clients, then your best bet is to appear on the first page (sounds simple enough, right?). To do this, you need to spend a little time and effort to make sure your website’s content and design are perfect. Make sure you have enough content on all the pages you need, such as services, hours of operation, a booking widget, and a price list! Also, make sure that your social media can easily be accessed on your website, including your Instagram and Facebook pages.

PRO TIP: Make sure it’s mobile-friendly, include the prices of your services, start a blog, have a booking widget, and include a page with great incentives, so potential clients want to book an appointment. Don’t forget to check out the competition; sometimes they have great ideas too.

Thanks to a strong social media presence, you can build a loyal community that will attract people not only from your area but also from all around the world! Show off how much your clients love you by showcasing the ratings and reviews you get on social media. And your current clients will love to see their reviews online. If you tag them and write a comment like, “Thanks for your great feedback! We can’t wait to see you again." It shows off your great work, but it also lets your clients know you noticed and appreciated their feedback.


2. Offer Online Booking Now!

When running a successful business, you don’t always have the time to spend your day answering the phone, which can make it hard to deal with the various appointments you get every day. A great way to keep up with all the demand is by using online appointments for your clients. Not only will it free up a lot of time for you, but it will also answer an increasing need. Yes, nowadays, appointments are made online, anywhere, and anytime. Did you know that 40% of appointments are now made outside business hours? Think of all this untapped potential! If you don’t have a website yet, some online scheduling platforms will even provide a homepage.


3. Work With Talented People 

The first rule is to hire people who love what they do and share the same values as you. Don’t hire your best friend (unless he is amazing at his job, of course!). Nowadays, clients want to have a genuine relationship with the people they interact with, so make sure you also spend some time with your customers. Arrogance is no longer a sign of success. Of course, you and your staff need to stay on your A-game. Let’s be professional, but friendliness and openness with your clientele will create a bond that is vital for the success and well-being of your business.


4. Make Sure Your Clients Recommend You

Word-of-mouth is not dead; on the other hand, it’s the newest and most powerful marketing tool. It is proven that 85 % of people trust online reviews as much as recommendations made by their friends and family members. A Forbes article shows that the #1 reason people purchase things is because of a personal recommendation. You cannot ignore the importance of a good reference. Being extra nice to people who can influence the future of your business is a small price to pay, but you also have to be yourself. Be generous and offer incentives to your regular clients so they bring their friends to your business. For example, 30% off their first haircut, a free hand massage, or even a glass of bubbly are all great ways to make their first experience memorable.


Now you are ready to grow your business even more. Mastering social media and building a strong online community, getting online and offering a booking platform, working with talented professionals, and getting recommendations from your clients are four sure ways to grow your business and become successful! But since you were so kind as to read all the way through, here is our final tip: don’t forget to develop a solid relationship with your neighbours and neighbourhood. It’s so important for your business and reputation and will make all the difference in the world, you’ll see!


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