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Virtual Time Zone

Are you Mr. Worldwide and most of your appointments are done through video conferences and calls with clients all over the world? Are your clients confused with their appointments, is it 3PM your time or 3PM their time? With our brand new Virtual Time Zone feature, you can rest easy and always be on time wherever you are.

What is it?

When a location is set to virtual, our platform will now be able to detect the different time zones of your clients and display all of your availabilities in their respective time zones. For example, if one of your virtual availabilities is set to 9:00 AM Eastern Standard Time (Montréal or New York for example), the system will display it as 3:00 PM to a client in France.


This feature will facilitate the booking of all your virtual appointments with clients that are in a different time zone than yours. If most of your appointments are conducted virtually, it will ease the booking process for both you and your clients, and prevent any misunderstanding as to fixed appointments.


  • Go to your Account Settings

  • Select the Business tab

  • Click on Locations

  • Click on Add Location and give a name like “Conference Call”

  • Activate Virtual Location

  • Click on Save

  • And you are now international 🌐🌎

For further information on how to implement this feature, check out our online documentation.


For whom?

This feature is available in the Professional and Business plans.

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