Posted by GOrendezvous on May 11, 2018 3:21:21 PM


What is it?
Copy/ Pasting services is taking the services created for an employee and applying them to another employee very quickly. And yes we hear your sigh of relief 😆.

If you have multiple professionals on an account that offer the same services, you can simply copy/ paste services from one professional to another.

Take the example of a hairdressing salon in which both Mary and Anne work. They both offer the same services.
You can add services for Mary and then copy/ paste them into Anne’s services.
The services are not linked once copied, so if Mary wishes to have a 10 minute break after dyes, she can program it and it will not change anything on Anne’s end. 

To see how to copy the services, read in the help guide Copy services from an employee to another.

For whom?
Copying services is available in plans where there can be several employees (Professional and Business).


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