Posted by Katell Goaër on May 11, 2018 3:20:36 PM
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If you offer group classes, you may be dealing with the boomerang effect: you need to fill your classes but the more they fill up, the more you have to track the participants and payments 😫.
Do not panic, we offer 3 settings that will help you.

1. Facilitate payment tracking and avoid no-shows by activating online payments
Managing payments for group classes can quickly become a real headache and a waste of time. You do not know if Marie has paid in advance for today's class or if Eric has been refunded after canceling his participation in the previous class.

It’s time to use online payments and make it easy for you and your customers.
GOrendezvous allows you to charge customers by credit card when registering for a group class. You can consult the list of participants in the course and check at a glance if they have all paid. The more participants register online, the fewer payments you will have to manually register.
The cherry on top🍒 is the fact that customers won't forget to cancel if they can not come. The refund is automatically done upon cancellation (given a certain leeway time).

2. Ensure long-term income by offering token cards
Offering online payment is good, getting ahead on your income is even better (it's well known, money is the sinews of war). You can create token cards that are in fact prepaid course packages. Your customers buy a card directly on your website or on your GOrendezvous homepage, it is associated with their client file and the token card is debited automatically each time the client registers for a course. It is also refunded automatically when clients cancel online.

You can create as many cards as you need choosing which classes are included.

Take advantage of it and apply a promotional price to increase sales!

3. Fill your group classes by advertising on Facebook or emails
Would you like to advertise a particular class? Special event classes are great ways to generate “buzz”. An outdoor yoga course or a guest chef in a cooking class are just a few examples of special events.
Post special events like this on facebook and have new and existing clients sign up to your class immediately through GOrendezvous. In just a few clicks, members of your community could tag their friends and comment on your posts. Thank you snowball effect! 

To target a more specific audience, you can also advertise your event through an email directly from your GOrendezvous account.

With these 3 features, you're now ready yo fill and enjoy your group classes, leaving aside the boredom of administrative tasks. We've got your bac ;).


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