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As an acupuncturist, you probably take care of several patients simultaneously. Managing multiple patients, rooms and appointments can be very stressful and time consuming.
GOrendezvous provides special features that can help!

1. Add your work rooms to GOrendezvous
GOrendezvous manages the occupancy of your work rooms. When clients book your services online, the system knows how to allocate a room to a customer so that there are never two customers scheduled at the same time, in the same room (Smart, right? 🤓).

To do this you must first enter the address and location of your business, this is where your practice is located. Then you’re able to insert every working room in your practice into GOrendezvous.
For each of your services, indicate in which rooms they can take place.

You can also specify in your schedule what room you work in for each time block. If you do, make sure to assign the same room that you have assigned to your services.

2. Indicate that you can see multiple customers at the same time and choose the time between clients' arrival
You can create several types of services. From experience, you will need to create 2: a first meeting service and a follow-up service. For each service, indicate the total duration of treatment received by the patient.

For the first meeting service, you may have to stay for the entire appointment with your patient. This means you won't be able to see another patient at the time.
For the follow-up service, indicate that you can see more than one client at a time, choose the option saying you’ll be available after some time to see the next client.

You will also have to indicate how many clients can receive treatment at the same time (remember that the system manages your rooms automatically, so you can not see more customers than you have rooms).

The last step is to choose the delay between the arrivals of the customers and the time  you will spend with them alone.

3. Replace the word "client" with "patient" when booking online appointments
GOrendezvous uses the word “client”, however we understand that the word "patient" is more appropriate for acupuncturists. Your patients are by default called "clients" in the online booking module, however you can change this and call them "patients" instead.

4. Create your own form template in your client files
You can build your own form template for your client files by creating the fields you need. For example, you could create a form with the following fields: symptoms, treatment administered, prescriptions, progress since the last visit, etc. Once the template has been created, it can be added to each client file and filled in individually.
You can add a file for each visit and it will be added to your patient’s folder, the files will be sorted by date.

For security and disclosure reasons, every change made to a form is tracked and recorded. The system tells you the date, time, and author of the change. Even the pre-modification version is kept. The content of your electronic client files is stored securely in our servers located in Canada, because we are aware that some data may be sensitive.

Your data entered is automatically saved every few seconds, so there is no risk of losing data.

Now you're ready to go online!


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